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We added grey scvale versions of the journal for Spring & sumer 2023. Some readeers prefer the lower cost point. We will try to keep this at $11.25, which is a modest royalty. Initially we endorsed the color as this provides a nicer impact and interest level to readers.

For the Spring 2024 we initiated a "legacy" project to include statements on how individuals see their work as time of value. There are 50 Virginia State Senators. Asd a trial, we asked 10 to reflect on a series of questions provide by a student focus group. We invited ten senators to respond. Four agreed, two submitted. We will try again for the Summer and Winter editions. We really did not want them to be self-serving, but revealatory. Is the approach worthwhile? Of course. But as every writer knows, work that inspires one abandons others.

Student outreach. The Project is by calling as an IRS 501(c)3, educational. We thought two years ago tha the opportunity to publish would intrigue high shool students. While Caroline County High School agreed, and two students submitted independent of a class project, the remaining Virginia school districts did not agree. We reached out twice to school superintendents and to a few schools directly. Crickets. We have no real theories about this without being told directly.

We are working with two divisions presently, but nothing firm as yet. Both of these efforts are through direct contact with indirect engagements.

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