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The History of Virginia Counties

he Virginia Writers Project includes essays on some histyorical aspect of our counties.  
We invite historians and authors with an interest to get involved. The Journal link above provides the electronic copy at no charge.
Volume 1, Spring 2023
  • A Letter to the Citizens of Virginia Beach

  • Fiercest of Fires: the Great Orange Fires of 1889, 1908, and 1909

  • Samuel Scollay Moore

  • Through the Shadow: A Boy’s Memories of the Civil War

  • The 1809 Slave Hanging in Montgomery County

  • The Marion Democrat 1893-1895

  • The Hampton Poorhouse

  • The Unwritten law & the 1907 Trial of W. G. Loving

  • The Lee Camp for the Civilian Conservation Corps

  • The McCue Murder

  • The Commonwealth of VA v. James A. and Philip J. Strother

  • Images of Wythe County

  • “Out of the Ashes We will Rise Again”: The Wytheville Fire of 1924

  • The Virginia Guide

Volume I Summer 2023

Volume 1 Winter 2023

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